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Lung Cancer's Gefitinib Resistance Explained
A recent study examined cancer genetics to determine why resistance to Iressa ( gefitinib ), a drug commonly used in treating non small cell lung cancer.
Drug Resistance in Lung Cancer Treatment
Some types of cancer treatment are on a molecular level, relying on interactions between growth receptor proteins on the cancer cells and drugs that target these specific receptor proteins.
Zapping Better Than Cutting
Chronic  obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD ) is commonly seen with lung cancer, because both diseases usually result from smoking. Patients who have COPD often have complications after lung cancer surgery.
Why Cancer Drugs Stop Working
A common story in cancer treatment is of specialized drugs that work great initially, but over time the cancer becomes resistant to the drug. Finding out why this happens has become paramount for scientists.
One Lung Cancer Drug - Multiple Targets
Cancer biology overlaps frequently, and some drugs designed for a specific mutation may have multiple uses, as one study shows.
Double Punch Urged for Lung Cancer
Non-small cell lung cancer ( NSCLC ) is a tough one, but r esearchers have found a new target for treating this disease. When added to other therapies, the combination might just deliver a knock-out punch.
For Lung Cancer, "Tissue is the Issue"
November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. For many scientists, the future of lung cancer treatments lies within the tissue of the patients.
SNaPshot Makes Genetic Testing a Snap
In the not too distant future, sophisticated genetic screening may be done on a routine basis in a hospital lab. And this means cancer patients increasingly will be treated with therapies that target their specific genetic needs.
Detroit is America's Lung Cancer Capital
Detroit is known as the 'Motor City,' 'Motown' or 'Hockeytown.' It may soon get another unfortunate distinction when it comes to lung cancer.
Keeping the Grim Reaper at Bay
Once lung cancer moves beyond its original site, the prognosis dims. Researchers have discovered that a specific test can be used to identify patients who will benefit from different types of therapy - a finding that offers more personalized care for advanced lung cancer patients.