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CT Scans Safe, Study Said
For decades, the use of iodine-based material to get images from inside the body has been linked to causing kidney damage. New research, however, questions the contrast material’s effect on the body.
Pain and Depression Reduced Dialysis Success
Previous studies have shown that kidney failure patients on dialysis experience both emotional and physical symptoms. New research suggests that emotional symptoms may interfere with treatment and make physical symptoms worse.
Older Age Didn’t Increase Risk to Kidney Donors
Donating a kidney can help save a life, but it also brings risks to the donor. A recent study examined whether older adults who donated a kidney faced greater risks.
Kidney Conditions More Closely Related Than Previously Thought
Conventional medical wisdom regarding acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease considers the two conditions separately. But relying on dated practices doesn’t always result in the best patient care.
The Long Lead-Up to Chronic Kidney Disease
Serious illness does not always strike suddenly. Sometimes, it comes at the end of long road marked by other health problems. Kidney disease often is preceded by other avoidable health problems.
Long-Term Blood Sugar Control Delayed Kidney Problems
Managing blood sugar levels is a central part of treating diabetes and preventing complications related to diabetes. And now, new research has reinforced that important fact.
Rare, Deadly Disease More Likely in Obese Women on Dialysis
Scientists don’t fully understand calciphylaxis, a rare and potentially deadly blood vessel condition. But new research points to some of the major factors linked to the disease.
Lower Kidney Function Linked to Certain Cancers
The kidneys help rid the body of toxins. When the kidneys don’t function properly, it can open the door to other serious diseases, and cancer may be among them.
Comparing Top Two Ways to Eliminate Kidney Stones
Kidney stones are a very painful problem to have, and there are two main procedures doctors use to get rid of them. The question is: Is one way better than the other?
Get Moving For Better Kidney Health
Walking is one of the most common forms of exercise for people in the United States. For patients with chronic kidney disease, taking a walk could be a lifesaver.