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Smartphones Might Sabotage Your Sleep
Your smartphone may keep you up to date with your friends and the latest news, but it may also just keep you up at night, a new study found.
Making Life Better for Chronic Sinus Infection Patients
Chronic sinus infections can lead to sleep problems and poor quality of life, but there may be some hope on the horizon.
The Truth About Bad Sleep
Next time you find yourself tossing and turning all night, remember that you're not alone.
Depressed and Exhausted: It Could Be Something More
A bad night's sleep can make you feel tired and unfocused during the day. If left untreated, that cycle may become more than just an inconvenience.
Young and Tired Behind the Wheel
The message not to drink and drive has been effectively promoted for years. The message not to drive after too little sleep has been slower to get out – but it's just as important.
Extra Focus Needed with Insomnia Rx
A common insomnia medication can be dangerous unless taken with care. Bad reactions between medications or not following instructions and warning labels can send users to the emergency room.
Driving While Drowsy is Dangerous
The dangers of drunk driving receive wide attention. But the dangers of drowsy driving are significant as well. Furthermore, sleepiness while driving may point to other health issues.
Sleep Rx Raises Risk of Falling
Doctors often give medications like Ambien to help people sleep while they are in the hospital. But taking any sleep enhancement product may raise the risk of falling while walking around, which can lead to injury.
Mental Health Meds and Driving Risks
Medications prescribed for common mental health conditions can be incredibly important treatment options. However, they come with risks as well.
Fatal Codeine Side Effects Risk for Kids
Surgery to remove a child's tonsils or adenoids to treat sleep apnea is a relatively low-risk procedure. But the pain relief offered after the surgery requires careful supervision.